Friday's Focus on Fatherhood: Being a Good Role Model

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How to be a good role model for our kids, that's the subject of this week's edition of our new series, "Friday's Focus on Fatherhood".

We spoke to Roger Gallimore the Executive Director and CEO of the Rapid City YMCA. He and his wife raised three kids, and now enjoying life with 8 grandchildren.

We also talked to Clay Quinton, Director of Individual Services at Rapid City's Club for Boys. He's been a stepfather of 3 stepchildren for 10 years now.

Following are this week's quick thoughts on how us Dads can be good role models for our kids.

"Whether you like it or not, you're teaching all the time. In fact when children come into the world, they're automatically enrolled in an 18 year course on how to live life, and fathers are instrumental in this teaching," Roger Gallimore says.

He continues, "So, on the one hand, everything you do, say, and think is being watched and observed and learned.
On the other hand, that doesn't mean you have to be perfect."

"In fact, it's ok to be imperfect, which we are anyway, because that also gives opportunities for how we own up to, own up to our mistakes, and have those times where we're apologizing for them and displaying that we too are human," Gallimore says.

Clay Quinton of the Rapid City Club for Boys has this week's second tip.

"I think a father can be a good role model just by the things they're trying to instill in them. They need to show them that they're doing those things themselves. If you're going to tell a kid something, make sure that you are modeling that same behavior," Quinton says.

If you're a father with a question you'd like us to address sometime, please call or e-mail us to let us know.
And we'll have another tip for dad's again next Friday night on Black Hills Fox News at 9:00