"Friday's Focus on Fatherhood"

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How does parenting change as kids grow up?
That's the topic of this week's "Friday's Focus on Fatherhood".

In this edition we hear from a new addition to our panel of Dad's, retired RCPD Lieutenant Tom Senesac.
He and his wife successfully raised 3 kids; 2 daughters and a son.

"Ya know, when they're little, they're just so fun to hang out with. They just think the world of their parents and you know their minds are fresh and they want to mimic you and pretend they're grown up and stuff like that," Senesac says.

"I'd say they're kind of easy you know, except they're temperamental and things like that. But that's not a big deal. It's when they start getting bigger and they're going to school and other people and they're comparing themselves with other kids. Why does my friend get to do this?," he says.

Senesac says, "It can be really challenging as a parent to explain to a kid that they don't know everything."

"Ya know the teen years can be troublesome. My advice on the teen years is the parents have to get through them and the teenager has to get through them. But you'll get through them. They'll be behind. Someday the teen years will all be behind you," he says.

"That's a transition in a kid's life, independence, school, sports, driving, all those things," Senesac says.

If you're a father with a question you'd like us to address sometime, please call or e-mail us to let us know.
And we'll have another tip for dad's next Friday night on Black Hills Fox News at 9:00.