Four Chaplains honored for faith and service

One Methodist, One Jewish, One Catholic, and one from the Reformed Church.

A ceremony for four men who gave not only their life jackets, but their lives to save younger soldiers on the S.S. Dorchester that sunk on February 3rd in 1943.

DeMarco Davis, administrative officer for the chief of staff for clinical operations at VA Black Hills, says "We stand in the gap for every one else and they truly exemplified that."

Wreaths placed at the alter to recognize the men who have sacrificed their lives and for an opportunity provided by the VA Black Hills Health Care System for the community and local veteran organizations to pay tribute.

Davis says, "This whole week what we're doing is that we're making sure that the community recognizes the veterans that are patients with us and across the nation."

Donna Schnider, associate director for Patient Care Services & Nurse Executive at the VA Black Hills says "The integrity, the compassion, advocacy, respect and excellence of service. It is something we can only strive to do every day."

For those who work closely with these brave souls and get to hear their stories day to day, they say the interaction makes one want to take action.

"By listening to them, you also are able to go ahead and see how can I help others that come along as well so it's just a very exciting position to have," Davis says.

"Every day it's a challenge to exemplify the same qualities that out veteran heroes have shown in battle. I believe that we serve the most honorable mission," Schnider continues.