Former Ellsworth airman sentenced on child pornography charges

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A former Ellsworth Airman was hit with a 10 year prison sentence Friday in federal court in Rapid City after earlier being convicted of child pornography charges.
26-year old Colby Haggerty was convicted in July on two counts of receipt of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography depicting children under the age of twelve.
Judge Jeffrey Viken said, although most were not used in the trial, the case involved more than 4,300 images, a substantial number of which were images of infants and toddlers age two and younger.
Judge Viken sentenced Haggerty to five years on each of the receipt of child pornography charges to run consecutively.
After serving that prison time, Haggerty will have five years of supervised release.
A separate hearing on restitution for the victims will be held sometime in the future.