Former EMT is now a new deputy with Pennington Co. Sheriff's Office

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA TV)- Every day, deputy sheriffs have to make sure they follow many different steps prior to their shifts. And that can be a lot to get used to, in addition to responding calls. Even though Paul Jacobson is a new deputy, he settles in quickly; he comes from another first responder background.
"I graduated from South Dakota State Univeristy with a degree in criminal justice. I decided to get my EMT certification and I became passionate about that. And that's how I landed the Care Campus with the Sheriff's Office," Jacobson says

Working as an EMT, Jacobson learned a critical skill that applies to his new job. "You know the unexpected happens with medical emergency. Emergency situations that you need to think fast and act fast and that's huge part of this job is being able to think on the fly."

And Kari Smith, a new deputy sherrif for Wall, has served in Pennington County's Jail system. Captain Tony Harrison says, these new deputies have valuable qualities. Captain Harrison also says, they are always looking to recruit more members, and the County is a good place to work.

After transitioning to Sheriff's Office, Deputy Jacobson thinks, the Sheriff's Office is like his big family now.

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