Football fans flock to Buffalo Wild Wings on Super Bowl Sunday

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Rapid City, SD Buffalo Wild Wings had a packed house with football fans watching the historic Super Bowl, Sunday night.

And regardless who they were rooting for - there's one thing most could agree on.

Seth Vinson said "We love football, we love the strategy, the coaching, the players, and all the sacrifice. And I think baseball is America's pastime, but I think this is the most fun stuff to watch."

Patriots' Quarterback Tom Brady was looking for a fifth Super Bowl win.

The Falcons made their second ever trip to the big game, this year - with no Super Bowl rings.

Gary Vorhies said "Just brings the best of the best, the cream of the crop to the top."

At the end of the 2nd quarter - Atlanta was up, and so were the spirits of this crowd.

Vorhies said "The Falcons are a lot better than people are giving them credit for. It's good to watch."

This duo was rooting for the NFC at Buffalo Wild Wings and they were in good company here, with many taking aim at New Englands' QB.

Vinson said "We love the fact that he's a competitor and expects to win. But, I feel like everyone supports and underdog and that's how the U.S. is - we support underdogs."

Buffalo Wild Wings was a hot spot to watch Super Bowl 51 - with more than 60 screens lining the walls.

Neil Whartman, the bar manager at Buffalo Wild Wings, said "We got a lot of people in here cheering, so it provides that stadium-like atmosphere."

The business gears up with extra staff - hoping to score, Sunday night.

Whartman said "We know that business is going to be here."

This is also a big take-out night for BWW.

Whartman said "It's a good day for us. We always have a big turnout whenever these big events are going on."

And no matter what colors you were sporting, tonight - fans say the Super Bowl brings everyone together.

Sue Ragels said "I really like that our country kind of comes together.

And we each have a team. And you can root for someone you didn't root for all year long. But, now you can."

Also, Buffalo Wild Wings closed after the Super Bowl for a week-long remodel.

They will re-open Saturday with a new paint job and features.