Food delivery drivers are taking extra precautions

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - People working out their cars have been on a bumpy ride lately with ride-sharing apps like Lyft and Uber declining in popularity due to COVID-19. And while those services may be down for the time being, food delivery apps are having a moment.

One of the bags used to deliver food.

David Cahoy is a Door Dash driver.

"Door Dash has been picking up a little bit. People are staying home, they prefer not to be out in public and trying to do CDC recommendations of social distancing," said Cahoy.

And some of those people that work for ridesharing apps have taken this take-out opportunity, moving over to food delivery.

"I've been doing it over a couple weeks since I have been taking a little bit of a hit with Lyft and Uber," said Cahoy. "It hasn't been that popular because of things less open and people are just worried about spreading it."

With that concern in mind, these delivery drivers are taking extra precautions to make sure your food is safe. Including bags that the restaurant can put your purchase straight into.

"I have sanitize wipes in my vehicle," said Cahoy. "Every time I go in and out of a restaurant, I clean my hands and every time I leave a house I clean my hands. I try to make it safe for everyone."

Cahoy says people have been requesting that they leave the food right on the doorstep to make sure to keep up with social distancing.

"I believe it's very important during this time and it's good for the small businesses or even the bigger businesses that are part of Door Dash," said Cahoy.

Cahoy thinks more small businesses should join to keep up with the rough times.