Food Dudes Delivery Service launches in Rapid City

Food Dudes delivery service opened up last week and orders are already in full swing.

With the new service, a customer places an order by simply visiting the company's website. Then, they select the restaurant of their choice
and after paying for the food with an added delivery fee, a nearby delivery driver is then dispatched to the restaurant.

Finally, they will pick up the food and transport it right to the home door step or even the office.

Cole Benne, managing partner, says "There's like the RNs and teachers and all of them only get 30 minutes for lunch and they can't always go out and get something. Sometimes they don't want to make their own and this way can have something delivered to them other than just the normal stuff that has been delivered in the past."

Managers say the new service not only brings value to them, but also to the restaurants they deliver for.

Benne says, "You can have any of their restaurants delivered to you at the convenience of your own time to your house so say I haven't tried a restaurant before, I'm like well, I'm at my house, I'll try it out, see if I like it. If I like it then I'm going to go back to the restaurant and eat there."

One of the 11 restaurants on the list so far is Colonial House whose owner says the new partnership is a win-win.

Vicky Beshara, owner of Colonial House, says "For us it's the added benefit of maybe reaching a few people that we might not have before. We might gain some new customers.

"Before we moved, it was parking, now the complaint is why don't you deliver so now we have someone deliver for us," she continues.

Beshera has no doubt that this will bring in new faces and help several other local restaurants in the community.

"I think once the the word gets out it's going to be hopping, it'll be great," she says.

To place an order, you can visit or give them a call.