Folks keep tradition with 73rd annual Easter Sunrise Service

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Although temperatures were low Sunday morning, spirits were high as Christians gathered to celebrate the 73rd annual Easter Sunrise Service.

People were wrapped up in blankets and sipping on coffee as they watched the sun rise over Mount Rushmore National Memorial.

People from the Hermosa United Church of Christ hosted this years Easter tradition.

We asked a couple of people what makes Easter Sunrise Service special to them.

Hermosa United Church of Christ minister Diane Janssen Hemmen says, "In the bible, the people realized that Jesus had been raised from the dead kind of first thing in the morning. We think about the resurrection. The hope that that brings as the light coming into the darkness and there's plenty of darkness around us so if we gather at this time, it's a unique way to remind ourselves of that light and of that hope that we have."

Service Attendee Natalie Wipert says, "Well we came to Rapid City last night and we thought maybe this would be a great Easter sunrise service so we can honor our forefathers and honor Christ."

At the end of the service, they collected donations that would be given to local charities.