Folks enter the land of Oz to help fight against heart disease

Both the community and philanthropic leaders dressed up and made their way to the land of Oz tonight to help fight against heart disease and stroke. The Rapid City Heart Ball included a silent auction, a live auction and a dinner and special presentation educating people on preventing cardiovascular disease. Hosts say the American Heart Association is in the mode to raise money and they are going to have fun while doing it.

Dr. Kevin Weiland, internist, says "We're going to have fun, we're going to show the heart survivors what it is to be a part of the heart association just to have alot of fun tonight.

Dr. Drew Purdy, cardiologist, says "In the land of Oz where wisdom, courage and heart are all important.

Weiland continues, "We need a heart here tonight so we do want people to come out and donate online you can do anything."

Last year, the Heart Ball campaign raised more than $90,000 last year and more than $1 million over 19 years from this community which all go to funding life-saving research and prevention programs in South Dakota and across the country.

To donate to the American Heart Association, you can visit