Folks coasting into the new year at Rushmore Mountain Adventure Park

Not one attraction closed.

Tom Hagen, owner and operator of Rushmore Cave and Rush Mountain Adventure Park says, "We have the cave open, we have our soar eagle zip ride open, our mountain coasters open, or dark ride open, we have every open."

Families toured Rushmore Cave, experiencing its natural heat at 59 degrees

The interactive dark ride getting to shoot cowboys and zombies, an interactive movie that's one of three in the world.

A visitor says, "I haven't done everything that's been here. I definitely haven't done this before and it was quite a ride."

Others took to the outdoor activities like the Soar Eagle Zipline and took on the wind child and the thrilling but chilling mountain coaster.

Another visitor says, "It was very cold but it was fun."

It's a really good deal, $25 and you get to do the tour, all of the rides, all of the events and stuff, it's a really good idea.

Although it was colder than they expected, staff says they wanted to open the park up and invite people to spend their holidays true South Dakota style.

Hagen says, "We were thinking 25 degrees and sunshine than five below and wind child but its been a great time and people are having a good time, they are."