Rapid City Area Schools taking precautions to prevent spread of the flu

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There's been a lot of talk about the flu in national news in recent months. The virus has hit hard in South Dakota too.

Flu in South Dakota is listed as widespread according to the CDC. We checked in with the Rapid City Area Schools to find out if it has affected students. Nurse Mindy Cronin works at several Rapid City Area Schools, including South Middle and South Park Elementary and says both have had an increase in flu cases particularly over the last couple weeks.

School Nurse Mindy Cronin says, "I know in my school's we've seen an increase in the last couple weeks of Influenza A. So I have been encouraging hand washing, cover your cough, cough into your elbow for the kids, and we wipe down desks and counters, any sort of surfaces frequently."

Cronin says she sent one student home Monday morning with what she thinks is the flu. She also says that flu symptoms do not always include fever or vomiting, and that if you're a parent and think you child may have the flu to get them checked out before sending them to class.