Fla. girl hit by fire truck after neighbor’s dog scares her into street

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WJXT/CNN) - An investigation is underway after a Florida girl was hit by a fire truck when neighbors say she run out into the street because she was scared of a dog.

Neighbors say a girl, spooked by a neighbor's dog, ran out into the street, right as the fire truck came down the road with lights on but no siren. (Source: WJXT/CNN)

A neighbor captured on surveillance footage the moment Saturday when a young girl was hit by a Jacksonville Fire and Rescue truck, moments after it pulled out of Station 31.

The video shows two girls run in different directions after reportedly being spooked by a neighbor’s dog.

One of the girls runs out into the street, right as the fire truck comes down the road with lights on but no siren, according to neighbors.

“I heard everything that went down. It was a loud thud, a really loud thud. Then, you heard the sirens after,” said the neighbor who handed over the video but did not want to be identified.

The woman ran to her front door and says she saw fire department members immediately begin helping the little girl.

“She started to move a little, but other than that... I believe they tried their hardest to resuscitate her,” she said. “I would definitely say our prayers and our thoughts are with them.”

A family friend could not say much about the victim’s condition but said that she was alive.

It’s unclear if the fire truck was responding to a call at the time of the incident. A spokesman for the department says he can’t comment as it is an active Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office investigation.

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