First life-sized and functioning Bugatti made from LEGOS

Denmark (LEGO) - LEGO has recreated the design of the world's fastest production car - the iconic Bugatti Chiron - into a LEGO Technic life-size model.

Using over 1 million LEGO pieces, this fully functional model is the first large scale movable construction and powered exclusively using motors from the LEGO Power Function platform.

The LEGO Power Function platform in this model is packed with 2,304 motors and 4,032 LEGO Technic gear wheels. From the steering wheel to the seats, this model has every detail of the original car recreated in LEGO Technic elements without using any glue. All of this was made possible after the use of 339 type of LEGO Technic elements and over 13,000 work hours of development and construction.

While the styles of this model are undeniably similar to that of the original Bugatti Chiron, performance is much different. The engine of this 1.5 metric ton vehicle generates 5.3 horse power and estimated torque of 92 Nm and top speeds of over 12 miles per hour. The original Bugatti Chiron has torque of 1,600 Nm and top speeds over 260 miles per hour.

This model also was a first of it's kind in different ways:

-first fully-functional self-propelled life-size LEGO TECHNIC car
-first non-glued LEGO TECHNIC model of such complexity
-first large model powered using LEGO TECHNIC power function motors
-first large-scale moving model using LEGO TECHNIC bricks & elements
-first time to create new types of transparent LEGO TECHNIC bricks
-first time to create load bearing parts build purely out of LEGO TECHNIC bricks & elements. …using 58 types of TECHNIC custom-made elements