First-ever Deadwood Pridefest takes over downtown Deadwood

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On Saturday the LGBTQ community celebrated diversity at the first ever Deadwood Pride festival.

The weekend-long event involves a pool party and a pub crawl.

Committee member Derek Livermont says the event is good for visibility here in South Dakota.

And with no bars or community spaces in the hills geared toward LGBTQ people, he hopes Deadwood Pride helps them foster a sense of community.

"I think being a part of the LGBT community out here in South Dakota can be a little bit lonely and separated sometimes. It's really good when you can be with people who are like you and feel a sense of friendship and camaraderie. I think a lot of people are going to make some great friends here. They're going to meet people that were in their area that they had no idea and really start to feel like there's other people out there," Derek Livermont said, committee member, Deadwood Pride.

On Saturday night they also celebrated with a drag contest followed by a dance party.

On Sunday Deadwood Pride is hosting a brunch at the Lee Street Station Cafe.