First day of school for students and teachers in Rapid City

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Students in Rapid City Area Schools hit the books once again, now that summer has come to an end.
But it wasn't only the first day of school for students, it's also the first day for teachers.

Second grade teacher at South Canyon Elementary School, Katie Rossum, says, "I was always that kid that really, really loved school. It was always a safe place for me and just somewhere I really liked to be and I was always the one playing teacher, it's just something I've always wanted to do."

Second grade teacher, Katie Rossum, at South Canyon Elementary just started with the Rapid City Area School District.
After she went to school in Minnesota, she taught there for six years, but now decided to move back and teach in her hometown.

Rossum says, "I think I have all the same nerves as the kiddos do. I don't think it matters how long you've been teaching, the first day of school is always a little bit scary, a little bit nerve racking, but it's been a great day, we're off to a really good start and really enjoying it."

And her students are also excited to start a new school year.

Second grader, Blaine Lehmann, says, "I am feeling so happy that we're back in school and I was like, I really want the new teacher in here, so yeah, and I got her."

Second grader, Violet Munsch, says, "Good, because, I'm with all my friends." "Did you miss your friends over the summer?" "Yeah."