First Responders work on Thanksgiving enjoy time with their co-workers

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While many in the community had the day off and were able to be at home to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families others were at work to make sure everyone had a safe holiday.

First responders don't get the Holiday off and the Battle Creek Fire Department is no different, Battle Creek is made of agencies from Hermosa, Keystone, and Hayword.

While the agencies may not be able to spend Thanksgiving with their families they still have their second family at work who they can share a nice meal with. When these first responders aren't called upon to respond to any crisis.

Public information officer Steven Monteforte says, " Well this is my dream job first of all and plus with the Holiday season here it doesn't mean the operation stops. We still have to protect the community and its citizens. It's a 24 hour a day job so even though we aren't with our real families we are still with our family at the fire department."

Monteforte added that they all had a nice breakfast together and had plans to eat turkey and also work on some training throughout the day.