Firework booths are preparing for a new type of celebration

STURGIS, S.D. (KEVN) - For more than forty years, Bob's Fireworks has been a July 4th staple in Sturgis. But co-owners Scott Peterson and Stacey Cowen say this year is a little different.

Fireworks being set up in Sturgis.

"People might be looking at fireworks as something they can do and socially distance themselves and be safe with COVID," said Peterson.

A July fourth celebration in the middle of a pandemic.

You've seen safety measures be put into place at stores and this booth will be no different.

"We've split our stand into two halves so you can see the fireworks the same on either half and the customer will be on one side or the other, there won't be any criss crossing across each others paths," said Peterson. "Only two groups are allowed inside at a time, were putting up the plexiglas for protection we're wearing facemasks."

Plexiglas and hand sanitizer aren't the only precautions the booth is taking. They are also doing curbside pickup.

"We have a Bob's fireworks Facebook page and on the page there will be pictures of the items and descriptions and the cost," said Cowen. "Then you'll be able to message us through Facebook and tell us what the product is that you would like and then you can come the next day and pick it up."

Fireworks aren't legal in all areas, make sure to check with your area about the rules on fireworks.