Firefighter technical training closes with simulations in confined spaces

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - First, the definition of a confined space.

"It's not designed for a continuous occupancy so it's not something that you would have somebody in all the time. It has limited means of egress and access," says Keith Trojanowski, a lieutenant at Station 3.

It is what about 25 South Dakota Task force 1 members were working on to wrap up a three-day technical training, something the team is required to do each year to bring new members up to speed.

"What you see behind me is a evolution where the gentlemen on the USAR team are tasked with moving a victim out of a confined space to a high line and over to a area where they can be treated medically," said Trojanowski.

in any community, Trojanowski says there is always potential for confined space. Some of those unique facilities within their own response area throughout the Black Hills.

"We have Black Hills Power which we get to in and visit their facilities and they have confined spaces that they work in and around, we have the cement plant which has been a great training resource for us," Trojanowski continued.

Leading up to today's training, task force members were equipped with skills and techniques used in order to be successful in a rescue but for the training's final course, it was all up to them.

"Not every situation we go to is going be the exact same way in training so really we just give them the basis of the problem when we work with our scenarios and let the group together come up with the solution," Trojanowski said.

Half of the group at today's training were working above grade while the other half worked on a course in a manhole below ground level. Both in which took.

"These guys are great at problem solving and they enjoy that challenge," Trojanowski concludes.

Personnel says unlike a drill, the training was all about working through skill sets and getting the firefighters equipped.