Fire department gives safety tips on fighting the blaze of wildfires

BLACK HILLS, S.D. (KEVN) - Just last year, the Black Hills was faced with the third largest wildland fire in its history, the Legion Lake Fire. Lieutenant Josh Williams with the Black Hawk Fire Department says things have been a little quiet recently but with the high winds, high temperatures, and low relative humidity, it is just a matter of time before crews will be out fighting the blaze. He says there are many ways people can protect themselves and their property from the flames.

"Mitigation, clearing your houses from litter debris, cleaning out the rain gutter, cleaning any type of vegetation that's highly flammable. Junipers are a big one, they're highly flammable. People like to put those right next to their house for decorations. We just discourage any type of plant life that's flammable up against the structure. Defensible space is what we're looking for," said Joshua Williams, a lieutenant for Black Hawk Volunteer Fire Dept.

Williams says you should always keep watch for ignition sources.
With the 4th of July approaching, he also says people should monitor what type of fireworks they're shooting off and where.
He says always have a water source near and if something does happen, immediately dial 911.