Final phase of Mt. Rushmore Rd. project underway

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If you drove along Mount Rushmore Road Monday, you noticed more construction equipment and those orange barrels back on the road.

Phase four, which is the final round of the project got started Monday. This stretch of construction is between St. James and Fairview Street. If you're driving through, you can expect a single lane in each direction in that area during the day while construction crews are at work. When each day's work is complete, both lanes will be open in each direction. They will be narrowed down to one lane when the crew arrives to start working again.

President of Ferber Engineering Company John Van Beek says, "What it is is just removing the asphalt patch that's here between Fairview and St. James and installing a concrete median that will be similar to the rest of them that are up and down the block here. This particular block was paved with asphalt during the second project to allow traffic control movements in this third project, and now we're just filling that median in."

This phase is expected to be complete in the middle of May, marking the end of the three-year project.