Feeling the secondhand impacts of Hurricane Harvey in Spearfish

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You don't have to be in Houston to feel the rippling effects of Hurricane Harvey. Some local members of our community are experiencing the secondhand impacts - with family in the eye of the storm.

It's the day before school and one Spearfish family is getting their last minute errands done ahead of it.
But there's more on their mind than just preparing for class.
With coverage of Harvey on the screen, they're thinking of their family in Houston.

Kelli Ewert says, "You do your everyday stuff here. Just like they do there - getting kids ready for school last week. Now their kids aren't in school, they've cancelled school until after the impact."
Ewert has Texas roots herself - with some of her family still living in the Houston area.
Her mom evacuated to Fort Worth - but her sister, a nurse, had to stay.
Ewert says, "It makes me nervous - the hospitals there - the buildings there. They're built for some flooding but they've gotten 50 inches of water in a short amount of time. It's going to get worse in the next two days."

As rain continues to pour in Houston, thoughts of her family are flooding her mind.
Ewert says, "My mom on the phone last night was like, you know what to do if something happens to me. Of course you think about that and think no - nothing will happen. But you just don't know."
She says the hardest parts are being unable to help from miles away.
Ewert says, "I can't talk to my sister. The cellphones, it's just almost impossible to get a signal in and out in the downtown area. Communication is another thing. I think about what would I do if I couldn't get a hold of my kids or my husband."
She says one of the ways to help - supporting the Red Cross and food banks in the Houston area - as well as helping out your local ones.