Feeding local families one box at a time

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Christmas is usually a time for food and family, but not everyone can afford an elaborate meal.

And on Sunday members of one local church were trying to change that one box at a time.

Canyon Lake United Methodist Church members were packing multiple food boxes like a well-oiled machine.

This year 23 families from several schools will receive boxes filled with ham, potatoes, vegetables, pie, and fruit.

They began packing and delivering meals 31 years ago, and one church-goer says they initially started out with 100 boxes.

Church Member Bob Drabek says, "We didn't stack them like we do now. We just kind of flew by. And now you can see us well organized. We start picking up the groceries at about 6:15 in the morning and by about 8:30 we're going to have 192 boxes packed."

Drabek says he feels good about volunteering and serving those in need.

He also says the families are really appreciative when the food is delivered.