Famous character actor speaks to crowd at Dahl and makes them laugh

Tuesday the actor so many of us know as Ned Ryerson in Groundhog Day spent the evening in Rapid City.

Stephen Tobolowsky was at the Dahl this evening telling true life stories and answering questions from the audience.

After he broke his neck in five places a few years ago he decided to write a book about his life.

The character actor has worked on stage, in movies and on television.

He does both drama and comedy.

He says when it comes to comedy timing is the key and being the character actor is where it's at.

Stephen Tobolowsky, Actor,Author, says "Comdey lives in the two-shot, not in the close-up. In comedy you always have to have two people on the screen because one person has to always be the world and the other person is the active ingredient so on Groundhog Day I got to be crazy, I got to be nuts, I got to be that guy. Bill Murray had to be the world.

When asked about advice for budding actors, Tobolowsky says his advice could apply to anything a person wants to try.

Tobolowsky says "just do it."

Tobolowsky says" What I discovered on my long, long road to here is that 95% don't do it. They talk about doing it, they wish they did it, but they don't do it. If you do it you are already in the top five percent, so keep doing it and you will win."

Tobolowsky went to cities throughout North Dakota and South Dakota during this tour.

He heads back to Los Angeles in a couple of days.

You can see the actor this fall in the upcoming series The Goldbergs where he plays Principal Ball.