Old Time Country Fourth Celebration in Custer anticipates a good holiday week

CUSTER, S.D. (KEVN) - Independence Day in Custer is centered around spending time with family and giving back to one of the town's most precious sites.

"We charge the vendors a fee to come and set up their booths and sell their wears and the museum makes some money off of that"
said Sue Knudtson, chairperson for the Old Time Country Fourth Celebration.

The Old Time Country Fair attracts vendors from all over the region who sell homemade crafts from jewelry, wood, to custom quilts.

One of those vendors has had a spot at the fair since it started nearly 20 years ago. 92-year-old Hilda Simmons says she still thinks her farm-inspired paintings and other goods are the perfect way to make some money and benefit the 1881 Courthouse Museum at the same time.

"It's a great thing, especially with my mom at 92, we get her out of the house, get her going, keep her painting, keep her young," said Gwynne McClellan, Simmons's daughter.

Simmons is giving her daughters the opportunity to do the same.

"My mom and my sisters and me which is Mother and Daughters which is the name of our company. We get three states, we stay overnight, we have fun and we laugh and we enjoy talking with people and selling things," McClellan continued.

With it only being Day 1 for the Old Time Country Fourth Celebration and things already shooting up, the museum and vendors are both looking forward to the holiday.

"I think it'll be an excellent crowd. I can't believe the people that are through here today, and neither can the vendors they've decided to stay open during setup today just because there's been so many people through and buying things so they're pretty," Knudtson said.

"It's going to be fun. Should be a lot of people, lot of people, great fireworks too," McClellan continues.

The festivities will run through the Fourth of July.