Family is in the hands of Red Cross after house burns down

This is a look at what's left of the structure after catching on fire earlier yesterday. Pennington County Fire Service has not yet released information regarding the cause of the fire. They say there were no injuries to firefighters as they worked on containment and were able to safely displace all civilians with no injuries to the occupants.
As for the family, they have found themselves in the helping hands of Red Cross.

Richard Smith, executive director of American Red Cross serving Central and Western South Dakota, says " We're working with them to make sure they had a place to say, provide so that and make sure they're getting some of their basic needs, so that's been the immediate assistance that we're providing right now and so now over the next couple of days, couple of weeks, and maybe even a year, we'll be working with them to kind of make sure they're getting some of those replacement items they need so they can kind of get back to life as normal."

Red Cross says that although fire response is something they're accustomed to, it can be tragic, especially during this time of the year. They also remind people to be careful with candles and Christmas lights and if you're in need of a smoke alarm installment, Red Cross will provide one for free if you just visit