Family disappointed after one night stay with black mold

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Emery Araphoe and his five children got what they describe as a nasty surprise on Saturday night during their stay at the Super 8 Motel in Rapid City. They were visiting from Pine Ridge and were exhausted from a long drive.

The Araphoe family says that they took this photo in their Super 8 motel room.

"We bedded down, it was late, so we bedded down, went to sleep," said Araphoe. "About 3 in the morning, I awake to a smell of a strong odor of mold and it was coming off the carpet. I used the restroom, and all of the children are still asleep. So, I get to the restroom, I notice black mold on the ceilings, behind the toilet bowl, you know, and on the walls."

The next morning, the family went to the front desk to complain and were offered another room, which they say also had black mold.

General management declined an on-camera interview, but they did tell us over the phone that they disagree with the family's allegations.

When South Dakota Department of Health inspected the Super 8 on September 5, 2019, they reported ten violations, including linens not clean and "a dark matter" on bathroom walls.

Araphoe said that after his recent stay, the family went to the hospital as a precaution.

"I read up on it and once it's airborne, it travels, you breathe it and it goes into your lungs and starts to take effect," said Araphoe. "It'll damage your lungs. And all of my children are young, you know, and I was frightened for them."

Araphoe said that they were given their money back and then they contacted Super 8 corporate offices.