Families take a trip to the Middle Ages

"Sir Grant Allyn Grant" was fully suited up and there to explain to families the origin and purpose of knights during medieval and Renaissance times. He's been reenacting for 17 years which includes time spent jousting. When Grant's not suited up, he's in his classroom in Bison, South Dakota teaching social science. He says he hopes Sunday's presentation will breathe life into history.

Grant Lolley or "Sir Allyn Grant", says "There's a limited amount of artifacts in some regards, literary artifacts, material artifacts such as armor so sometimes until we get more information or experiment with it, there's some guess work that goes with it so I was interested in learning through the experience."

Grant will be performing in Sioux Falls the second weekend of June at the Siouxland Renaissance Festival where he'll be educating even more people and giving them a taste of what knighthood looks like.