Fair food, from fried Oreos to rattlesnake brats

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What's a fair without food?
From fried Oreos to a rattlesnake brat, it's safe to say the Central States Fair has it all.

Chuckwagon Owner/Manager, George Regan, says, "We got a diamondback rattlesnake out of Texas. Then we do a spicy elk with cheddar cheese and jalapenos, and then we got a Louisiana alligator sausage that we do, and then we do a wild boar sausage, and a buffalo sausage, also and buffalo burgers."

The Chuckwagon is known for their twist on wild animals, traveling seven months out of the year, to sell their unique food items.
And it's obvious this family business is grabbing people's attention at the Central States Fair, by the names of the foods alone.

Regan says, "And hands down the spicy elk and the rattlesnake, we sell a lot of, but the reaction is phenomenal, just seeing their faces and then the young kids going to school and saying, 'hey, we had rattlesnake.' And the word of mouth around here, it's real fun."

Tessa Thomas says, "The rattlesnake brat is one of the top sellers here at the Chuckwagon and I can definitely see why. And if you walk over this way, you go to the unique fair foods to your classic fried fair food. Here at Goforth Concessions, fried Oreos are one of their top sellers."

Goforth Concessions Owner, Craig Goforth, says, "We have a good following of people who come to get the fried Oreos, fried Snickers are popular, but it just depends if you like a candy bar, or a cookie and the cookie is primarily the best option for people in this area."

This family business from Oklahoma has been coming to the Central States Fair for ten years now, using a recipe that goes back decades.

Goforth says, "My wife's grandmother created a corn dog recipe years ago and we've been using that, I guess now, probably the family, 33 years, maybe a couple more. The candy batter recipe is something that we developed over the last 15 years, it is, we make it ourselves and we're very proud of it, it's very good."

All of the foods I tried, get the unofficial Tessa stamp of approval, only advice, don't count the calories.