Facebook page connects meat producers and customers

The 100th Black Hills Roundup kicks off with a cattle drive inspired by a John Wayne movie
The 100th Black Hills Roundup kicks off with a cattle drive inspired by a John Wayne movie(KOTA)
Published: Apr. 24, 2020 at 5:17 PM MDT
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In the 21st century, how do you spotlight local meat producers from across the state? With Social Media, of course!

Sherri Vig had a friend in Rapid City who was looking for half a cow and half a pig, but had trouble finding local product.

"I actually am a member of a couple other groups on Facebook and I had posted looking for and the response I got was just unreal, from other producers and other people just looking,” said Vig. “So, at that point, it really kind of got me thinking that there was a breakdown between producers and consumers."

She wanted a fair playing field for local producers to showcase their product. So, she made a Facebook page to bridge the gap between buyers and producers, called


"People can come on there and they can post what they have available,” said Vig. “And the part that I love is there's such a mix. There's people that are selling half a beef, a whole beef, mutton, chickens, pretty much anything you want to look for."

Vig said the feedback has been great and there are now more than 2000 members from across the region. Vig said it is also a great opportunity to get your name out there.

While Vig said COVID-19 wasn't the reason she created this Facebook page, it did play a factor because, like many industries, the cattle market is low and Vig said it is hurting the ranching communities.

"COVID really jump started the fact that we need to have local things available,” said Vig. “And my goal is that if we have more demand for local food, we can open up more processors and have more jobs available for local people as well. So, it's kind of the circle of life, you know, it kind of revives everything a little bit."

Vig said she eventually wants to make a website to spotlight the producers and their products and doesn't want to limit it to meat. She wants to have any and all South Dakotan products available.