Experts have low expectations for next Congress

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) -- The 116th Congress will be sworn-in on January 3rd.

When that happens, Democrats will take control of the House of Representatives, and Republicans will strengthen the grip on the Senate.

Georgetown University political professor Michele Swers said, “I don’t expect it to be a Congress with a lot of accomplishments.”

Swers said whether the two sides can work together will depend on President Donald Trump.

She said, “It’s very hard to predict what he is going to do, and when he is going to decide he wants to compromise or not, and so that will be key in if they get something done.”

Illinois Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger said he hopes to find a way to push for the priorities of his district while working with Democrats. He also says he hopes the political environment becomes less toxic, but he’s not betting on it.

Kinzinger said, “There’s no doubt this is going to be a pretty corrosive environment.”

Congressman Dave Loebsack (D-IA) said he’s ready to work across the aisle on one of Trump's priorities, fixing roads and highways.

Loebsack said, “We all want the same thing, and there may be differences about how to get there. But I will work with anybody and everybody in this Congress.”

Swers says the most consequential moves may come when the two sides don’t need to work together.
For House Democrats, that’s investigations targeting the White House, and for Senate Republicans, it’s confirming federal judges.

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