Even Monument Health has a laundry day

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - We all have a laundry day, but for Monument Health that's every day.

All the laundry from every Monument Health facility.

Bradley Haupt is the Vice President of Supply Chain for Monument Health.

"On a routine daily basis, we have a large truck that leaves this facility with clean laundry. Delivers to facilities in Sturgis, Lead-Deadwood, Spearfish, Belle Fourche and then turns around and comes back and picks up soiled laundry," said Haupt.

And that's just one example. Their trucks go out to all the Monument Health facilities, even the ones out of South Dakota.. and come right back here to Rapid City to be washed.

"So we have a separate loading dock for our soiled linen that comes into the facility. It's taken out of the laundry bags, it's sorted on the sorting line, and then those carts are taken over to our continuous batch washer and they are loaded into that in one hundred and fifty-pound loads," said Haupt.

The facility processes twenty-five thousand pounds of laundry every day and in a year, that's 4.6 million pounds.

"The temperature and chemicals we use sterilizes the laundry so there is really no concern or no changes we had to make for COVID-19, it's standard things, we have way worse stuff that we deal with in the laundry than COVID-19," said Haupt.

After being washed, the laundry is compacted into disks and loaded up into a dryer where in just a few minutes it will come out the other side.

And for some of the bigger items like sheets, they are loaded up into an automatic folder where they are pressed and steamed and come out the end folded on a conveyer belt.

In the end they are sorted and headed out to the facilities.