Emergency shelter held to keep homeless warm but does the fate of it stand?

A group of organizations joined forces Thursday night to create a warming center for those without homes. It was an effort made by a group called the RV Ministry with help from the Homeless Coalition and the Hope Center. Now with the Club For Boys stating it was a misunderstanding, where does this popup place of warmth stand in the future?

The event took place in the Erickson Building, the location of the former Club for Boys Thrift Store, with more than 20 people in attendance. The Club for Boys said in a statement, however, that they were presented with the idea as an emergency and opening their doors to what they believe was a crisis only to later learn it was being called an emergency center that they aren't prepared to hold a title for.

People there said it was a magical night to be able to provide shelter for these people and says there is indeed room for more work and growth.

Roberta Harmon, a spokesperson that served and attended the event, says "You're going to sentence me to death because I don't have a home and I would add to that because I have issues, because i'm carrying baggage and so it's very simple, nobody can do well out there in this weather. What can we do well? What can we do better? Do something, do something. We can plan and plan and some things will never get off paper."

The Club for Boys also confirmed they will not be providing a warming center for the foreseeable future. They said although they were extremely grateful for the community response, their facility is not prepared or fitted to safely provide emergency shelter services and people should refer to the Cornerstone Rescue Mission located at 30 Main Street.