Elks Theatre in Downtown Rapid City prepares to renovate

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The Elks Theatre is a staple in Downtown Rapid City and has been around for more than one hundred years.
And while keeping the history alive, the theatre is looking to bring in something new.

The owner of the Elks Theatre, Curt Small, says, "20th century charm with 21st century technology. That's kind of the blend we're going for."

The carpet is going and the chairs will be changing.
It's all part of renovations taking place at the Elks Theatre in Downtown Rapid City.
This theatre was first built in 1911 and current owner Curt Small first started working at the theatre in 1994. He took over in 2008, which means the Elks has been a part of him for more than half his life.

Small says, "I love this building, I love downtown, so to keep improving this facility while downtown grows is great."

The renovations will start with new carpeting throughout the building and end with new leather rocker chairs in the main auditorium.
Technology will be updated and certain areas of the theatre will be restored back to their original look.

Small says, "This is a big beautiful building that has been covered up over the decades with suspended ceilings and other stuff, so my goal has always been to restore that original architecture."

Small says he hopes to have everything finished by the first of the new year.
The theatre will operate as normal, which Small says gives customers the opportunity to see the progress as it's happening.