Easter brings brunch lovers to Rapid City restaurants

RAPID CITY S.D (KEVN) - First, a stop at Kol where families flowed in to enjoy a special Easter Buffet for breakfast.

"We've got some of our favorites, we've got chicken and waffle sliders, biscuit and gravy, corn beef and hash, we're throwing it at them," said Executive Chef Cody Bartels.

There was even some lunch if they desired.

"We've got penne pasta, I have a pasta station with some Alfredo some meatballs, some red sauce, pretty much anything they want," Bartels said.

"Are there certain things people are ordering more than others?"

"Our chicken and waffles are going, they're going."

Bartels says it is nice to hear the oos and ahs across the room as people enjoy their Easter morning meals knowing they can go home and relax after the grub.

"Alot of smiles every time we go up to refill everyone's saying this is great, everything's fantastic, it makes it worthwhile coming in in the morning."

We also went over to Minervas for a larger brunch celebration where nearly 1500 people packed out the convention center space adjacent to the restaurant.

Nate Stiefvater, director of food and beverage at Minervas, says "Everybody is excited, I don't think anybody left here hungry that was for sure, I believe that what I saw was very visually appealing knowing my team of chefs here."

With a buffet offering traditional breakfast items, specialty breakfast items, desserts, colorful mimosas and more.
Management says it takes about 4 days to prepare the food and two days to set up the 'egg-stravagant" room display.

"We start planning for events about two months in advance so getting color schemes and your flowers and everything it's kind of a process that spans over a couple of months," Stiefvater said.
Stiefvater says with this year being much larger than previous ones, he was happy to put smiles on the crowd's faces.

"I'd just like to thank everyone that came out today and wish everyone a Happy Easter, thank you" Stiefvater concluded.