Early look at 2018 Rapid City precipitation totals

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We had another day with more snow in Rapid City. Moisture totals continue to increase above average. Black Hills FOX Meteorologist takes you deeper into the numbers.

If you think this year has been unusually wet, you're right. We're now into the month of April, and precipitation totals continue to be above normal.

As of yesterday, 2.97" of moisture has been recorded so far this year in downtown Rapid City. Average for this point is just 1.93". That's roughly 54% above normal precipitation to this point in the year.

When it comes to snow, the numbers are greater. The two snowiest months in Rapid City are March and April. Since March 1st, 20.5" of fresh powder has fallen.

Between then and early April, average is 13.2". That's over 55% above average.

Those numbers mean good news for area reservoirs. Pactola, Deerfield, and Angostura are all at over 95% full.

High temperatures have routinely reached all the way into the 80s each April, so that's proof that we're not too far away from warmer temperatures and a few months without snow.