Daugaard says state seeing better than expected revenues

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South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard says revenues for the state are looking better now than when he delivered his Budget Address back in December.

Dennis Daugaard

At his weekly press conference Thursday in Pierre, Governor Daugaard says tax receipts collected at the end of January marked the second straight month of better than projected revenue for the state.
He's says he's hoping that means the legislature will be able to budget for pay increases for state employees, many of which he says work for the state as a matter of public service.

Gov. Daugaard says, "But at some point you need to be able to pay a working wage, a living wage. It's hard to say to a state employee, stay with us even though you're being offered more money to do something similar, even in your own community."

The governor's proposed budget did not include pay increases for state employees.