Driving accordingly in deer season

Pennington County Sheriff Office says there's been an increase in deer related vehicle accidents between 6 and 8 o'clock in the morning due to daylight savings. It's usually when people are on their way to work -- and because of their color, deer tend to blend in.

A big question most of the time is:
what to do when you come face to face with one?

Deputy Sheriff Thad Schmit for PCSO, says "If I see a deer and I have enough time to react, I always try to slow way down. If it's in the right lane, I'll try and move to the left lane while I'm slowing down so I have more than enough time to react if I need to. Obviously if you don't see the deer, or you don't see the deer until it's too late, don't swerve, because the damage that you cause to your vehicle from the deer is going to be a heck of a lot less damage than if you swerve and you roll the vehicle and all of a sudden you've got damage to the hood, to everywhere."

The sheriff says you should also avoid swerving because it can cost a life, which is far more important than getting a bill for damages.