Dressing the presidents for the homeless

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Knowing who dresses the president and first lady is usually a popular topic, but knowing who dresses the presidents in Rapid City isn't as important as knowing the reason why.

Starting November 15th people can leave winter gear on the statues of the presidents for the homeless. This started back in 2015 to spotlight the homeless and less fortunate here in Rapid City. The city's communications coordinator, Darrell Shoemaker says that even if some people can't give much it's nice to donate something they might not use anymore and see someone in need wearing it.

"People will have unique, out of the ordinary colored items and stuff and then they'll see people who are wearing them you know the next day or the next week. And again it kind of gives a great feeling to people knowing that they can make a difference," says Shoemaker.

This year the start of this event lines up with hunger and homeless awareness week so other organizations will be holding events to assist the homeless in Rapid City.