Don't want to cook? Here's what's open on Thanksgiving.

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Some may not like making a mess in the kitchen, don't want to make a full meal for a small family, or would simply rather go out to eat on Thanksgiving.

The options may be slim compared to your average day, but there are still plenty of restaurants to choose from if you want to leave the house for Turkey Day.

AJ Macaitis, Sous Chef at the Gold Bison Grill says, "Every year we try to do something different, a little more fun, a little more innovative. We try to stay with the times culinary-wise."

For several years the Gold Bison Grill at the Rushmore Plaza Holiday Inn has been catering to its visitors who choose not to cook on Thanksgiving, and this year is no different.
The grill is known for its scenery and ambience.

Macaitis says, "It's a great family atmosphere. It's a large beautiful hotel with a beautiful atrium with a nice waterfall."

And aside from the usual turkey feast traditions, the Gold Bison Grill is getting creative with their menu items this Turkey Day.

Macaitis says, "Roasted lemon herb turkey with an orange marmalade. We're going to have big rounds of beef steamship with a wild mushroom Cabernet sauce."

The restaurant offers these options and several more salads, sides, and desserts for less than $30 a person.

The restaurant offers these options and several more salads, sides, and desserts for less than $30 a person.

But the Gold Bison Grill isn't your only option for a holiday meal.

Minerva's at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel also hosts people for the day of gratitude, offering a cornucopia of foods with all of the trimmings.

Nate Stiefvater Food & Beverage Director at Minerva's says, "Whiskey glazed sweet potatoes, a green-bean casserole, a Mandarin orange salad, a salmon dish, a chicken dish."

Minerva's has been serving dinner for families since 1999 and continues to be popular year after year. They say slots are filling up quick for this Thanksgiving.
They say it's because more people are embracing quality time with their family.
Stiefvater says, "By the time you figure in the food expenses, as well as the clean up time, prep time, and actually cooking the meal; you put more of the focus on actually spending time with your family, rather than working before and working afterwards."

Here's a list of what else you have to choose from.

Ruby Tuesday: Open 11am-8pm
Golden Corral: Open 10am-6pm
Dakotah Steakhouse: Open 11am-8pm
Marlin's Family Restaurant: Open 24 hours
Perkins Family Restaurant: Open 24 hours