Dodson shooting for Republican Senate spot in Wyoming

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There will be plenty of names on the ballot when Wyoming voters head to the polls for the Wyoming primary on August 21st.
There are six candidates listed in the Republican Senate primary.
That list is headed up by incumbent John Barrasso has been in the Senate since 2007 and is shooting for another term.
He's being challenged by Anthony Van Risseghem, Charlie Hardy, John Holtz, Rocky De La Fuente and Dave Dodson.
Dodson came through the Black Hills last week and feels like he has what it takes for the job.

Dodson says, "As your Senator, what I want to do when I get to Washington, DC, I don't want to be known as the Senator for compromise. I want to be known as the Senator who got things done, could go to the other side, find a handful of like-minded conservative Democrats who could vote along with the Republicans so President Trump has something to sign.">

Dodson says his biggest challenge in defeating an incumbent is name recognition.