Divers and a remote operated vehicle team up for ice rescue training

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Pactola Reservoir, SD Calan Miningas, Rapid CIty Pennington County Water Rescue Team leader says, "It's a multi agency team its made up of police fire and Sheriff and we have members of Pennington county search and rescue as well its a 15 member team. It deploys for all recoveries for water. So we surface, sub-surface, ice, which also has its own disciplines, and then we will also do swift water and moving water rescues."

Under 12 inches of ice ... divers on the Rapid City Pennington County Water Rescue team are practicing life saving and recovery skills

Miningas says, "It's what we call in these high risk type of operation we call those skills perishable skills sp if we don't maintain them then we become deficient when it is time to use them."

3 divers are prepared to go under at all times in the event of a rescue situation

"An ice fisherman coming into the ice or kids ice skating or somebody who is out hiking and just thought it was fun to play on the ice they would go through and so the procedure would be then we get a call for a rescue that somebody is in the ice and we would mobilize come out here depending on if they are on the surface that's one set of skills to extricate them out of the water from surface versus if they are under water now that is a whole other set of skills" says Miningas.

"Now these divers can only stay under for about 20 - 30 minutes but just a few yards away these operators are practicing with a machine that can stay under for as long as it wants."

Kent Przymas, ROV operator says, "It is a remote operated vehicle that's intended to go under water run off of sonar and video and then locate missing persons or objects under the water."

The dive team and the ROV together make up an essential rescue team for the Black Hills community.

Pryzmas says, "Its a tool that we can use to send down in a little bit more of the hazardous environments we can go really deep with the ROV any time that you send a diver under the ice or put a diver in the water especially in zero visibility or deep and dangerous conditions its a risk to other people."

Miningas says, "The rescue team and the ROV teams they are essentially sister teams. they work in conjunction together"