Didn’t we see a movie like this? A strange man living in your attic?

Julian Garcia, 40, was arrested for burglary when police and firefighters found him in another person's attic. (Pennington County Sheriff's Office)

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN/KOTA TV) - Didn’t we see a movie like this? A strange man in your attic?

That’s what firefighters and police discovered Saturday morning when they responded to a fire on the 2400 block of Fifth Street.

While police talked with a person at the home, firefighters went to work on the fire in the attic. The resident told police there was no one else in the home; so firefighters had to be surprised when they came across a man in the attic.

Investigators say that 40-year-old Julian Garcia of Pine Ridge broke into the attic the night before. While staying in the attic, he reportedly lit his sweatshirt on fire Saturday morning, causing the fire.

Garcia was arrested for second degree burglary.

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