Detox facility expansion in the works

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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - As work on the Pennington County Care Campus expands on its second floor, parking significantly shrinks, but it's all part of the bigger picture.

The Care Campus in Downtown Rapid City opened just two months ago, but it's already requesting an expansion.

Mike Kuhl, Pennington County Buildings and Grounds director says he hopes to expand the unfinished second floor into 16 four-person sleeping rooms.

The plans also include a lounge, shared dining facilities, and a shared exercise area.

Mike Kuhl says, "Providing them with a stable environment, a more structured environment where they can begin to get back on their feet. The expectation is that some of these people will have jobs and going out in the community."

While work on the second floor expands, plans for parking are shrinking significantly.

Mike Kuhl says, "Generally these people are struggling. They're starting over. They often don't have a lot. They often don't have vehicles that they can utilize or they don't even have a driver's license."

Kuhl says this facility is part of a multi-faceted approach to helping those with alcohol and drug addiction in our community.

Mike Kuhl says, "The whole idea of this complex from the beginning has been about helping trying to stop the cycle of having people continually cycling through the system, continuing to spend and cost the taxpayers money."

Pennington County Building and Grounds will present the expansion and renovation request before the Rapid City Planning Commission on December 6th.