Dermatologist says people make three mistakes when it comes to sunscreen

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) - Summer is here and it is the perfect time for a day out at Jimmy Hilton pool or a splash at Pactola Reservoir.

It is also the opportunity for your skin to meet the sun.

"Too much sun, especially over time will cause premature aging of the skin, pre cancers, and skin cancers," said Dr. Pamela Phillips, a physician and dermatological surgeon at Regional Health.

She says there are three mistakes you can make when it pertains to using sunscreen.

"One of them is to not apply it at all, second is to not apply enough and then the third would be to not re-apply," said Dr. Phillips.

When applying the product, Dr. Phillips recommends using a shot glass full for the exposed skin and a quarter size dollop for areas above the chest.

She says you should not only rely on the product itself.

"We always recommend avoiding the sun, especially between 10 a.m., 4 p.m. When you do have to be out, supplement that sunscreen with a big wide brim hat, long sleeves, long pants, other protective clothing," Dr. Phillips advised.

When shopping for sunscreen, doctors recommend purchasing one that reads SPF 30 or above for optimal protection.

Although some read "water resistant," it is a good idea to apply more than once.

No matter the complexion of your skin, Dr. Phillips said sunscreen is something we all can use.

"The incidents of pre-cancer and skin cancer in people who naturally have darker skin is lower than it is in folks who have fairer skin, lighter eyes, but still, that chance of skin cancer is there," Dr. Phillips said.

KEVN asked Dr. Phillips about what people should do when it is not so sunny outside.

"Even on a cloudy day like it is right now, still ultraviolet light can get through the clouds. it may take longer to get a sunburn but those who are really susceptible, fair skin, light eyes, can certainly get a sunburn on a cloudy day," Dr. Phillips said.