Deputies thanked for rescuing baby after high speed chase

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NEW UNDERWOOD, S.D. (KEVN) - A baby is safe after a high-speed car chase ended with a crash seven miles north of New Underwood.

(Left) Kristina Weckman and (Right) Kelsey Schwartz with thank-you gifts from the rescued baby's mother.

The car crashed near the intersection of New Underwood and Curlew Roads in Meade County.

The Pennington County Sheriff's Office says 38-year-old Steven Jackson of Rapid City assaulted the baby's mother at a truck stop near exit 61 on Interstate 90.

The woman was able to get away, but according to the police report, the child was still inside the car and unrestrained as Jackson sped away from the police.

The Sheriff's Office says the chase reached speeds of nearly 100 miles an hour before Jackson crashed into a ditch after police spiked his tires.

One of the deputies who took care of the baby said her first priority was the child's safety.

"He was pretty chill at first, but my heart sank when I saw the car in the position it was in in the ditch. Running down there and then when we got there and he smiled and he kind of giggled, that was just a sigh of relief," Kristina Weckman says, a senior deputy with the Pennington County Sheriff's Office.

Another deputy who attended to the baby recently graduated from the police academy and has only been on the road for about four months.

"The pursuit was definitely stressful. I think it went really well. I learned a lot from it. I was able to engage with everybody else and help out with the situation to get the baby safely in our hands so it was well worth it," Kelsey Schwartz says, a deputy sheriff with the Pennington County Sheriff's Office.

The baby's mother thanked the Sheriff's Office with a card and roses.

Jackson faces charges of second degree kidnapping, aggravated eluding of law enforcement, and simple assault domestic violence.