Democratic gubernatorial candidate Billie Sutton does meet & greet in Rapid City

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South Dakota Senate Democratic leader Billie Sutton was in Rapid City on Wednesday to promote his platform for the 2018 governor's race.

The gubernatorial candidate says his campaign's message is about unity, honesty, and integrity.

Sutton says if elected, he'd like to address the issues of corruption in our state as well as education.

Billie Sutton says, "Education's a huge issue in South Dakota. We're one of only five states that doesn't offer state support for pre-school education. That's an absolute shame. We can do so much better than that. So we'll work to fix that. We'll also work on economic development. We have a housing crisis in our state that needs to be addressed. I don't care how many jobs you have in your town. If you don't have places for people to live, they're not going to come work there."

U.S. Representative Kristi Noem and Attorney General Marty Jackley are Republicans who are also competing for the governor's seat in 2018.