Deer Mountain opens ski and snow board season

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Deer Mountain, SD Saturday's frigid temperatures didn't stop Deer Mountain from opening the slopes this weekend.

And snow enthusiasts say the powder was perfect.

Alisha Gleason, a snowboarder, said "I love the people and I love the snow. And it's never icy."

This boarder learned the ropes at Deer Mountain - and still hits the slopes here, 4 years later.

Alisha even braved the cold - to shred in yesterday's sub-zero temps.
Gleason said "It's always fun boarding. You've just got to dress warm."

Deer Mountain opened the ski and board season this weekend - with a few new runs this year.

John Ross, the ski school director at Deer Mountain, said "It's been cold, but it's been a great opening weekend."

The mountain has more than 50 total trails - but until more snow, only the front side is open with fresh powder for winter enthusiasts.

Ross said "When God sends us snow, we know we can open the back side."

Fall's warmer weather stopped Deer Mountain from opening on Thanksgiving weekend - like they have in the past.

Ross said "But, we're blessed now with the cold weather and a bunch of snow. We have complete coverage on the front side."

About 2 feet total of the white stuff.

Crews rely on man-made snow for the beginner slope and tubing - but the rest of the mountain is built from mother nature.

Keith Runquist, a skier, said "The snow is great. There's every kind of snow you want - there's powder, there's groomed trails."

This skier is a Deer Mountain veteran - with a season pass for more than 20 years.

Ross said "We do like the natural snow - our snow here is dry, which is the best for skiing and for boarding."

The ski area also hosts lessons for beginners - and tubing.

Ross said "You know, we live here in the Black Hills - and this is a great opportunity to enjoy nature. Get out here and enjoy the snow sports."

Deer Mountain will re-open this Friday through January 2nd for Christmas.