Deadwood history gets richer with the discovery of 225 Chinese coins

Published: Sep. 27, 2016 at 5:42 PM MDT
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Deadwood's rich history may have just gotten richer with the discovery of 225 old Chinese coins.

The historical preservation society in Deadwood called in the experts when they found several 1800's brass coins in the Chinatown region near main street.

The team sent photos to Margie Akin and her husband Kevin who are experts in the subject.

Tuesday they revealed their findings to the public and submitted a detailed report to the historical society.

Margie Akin anthropologist and archaeologist says, "The value of the coins monetarily is not much... not more than a few dollars each at most. The real value is what they help us know about how people lived in the past and that can only be known if we find out where a coin was found."

Chinese coins are not an uncommon find in this region as they were used for many purposes in the 1800's including religious talismans and gaming.