Deadwood attractions looking to hire ahead of summer months

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Snow may be on the ground but some tourist attractions in Deadwood are already thinking of summer.

For the first time, Deadwood History, Incorporated is hosting a job fair to add a couple dozen personable employees to the Days of 76 Museum and the Adams House.
Officials say, like most everyone in the Black Hills, summer is their busiest time of year.

Michele Schulz says, "That's when we do the bulk of everything just like everyone else in Deadwood. It's short and it goes fast but it's busy. We have to have everyone hired and ready to go by April and May so we go strong through September and October. Then boom it's over."

The job fair goes Saturday from nine to noon at the Days of 76 Museum.
If you miss the event, Schulz says you can contact her at the museum or bring in a resume to apply for the 2017 tourism season.